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Announcements If you are new to SWIP you should take a look here. That will help you to find your way through the platform and show you its possibilities. 6 8
Events All events set in the Calendar finding their description and forms here. 27 29
Community Chat Feel free to post whatever you like, also topics abroad social work. 2 5
Me the New Member If you would like to introduce yourself to the community, go ahead. You are welcome to do so! 5 13
Bug Reports, Suggestions and Help If you think, something doesn't work as it should, post here. If you have a suggestion for improving the website, post here. If you need help (eg HELP, I forgot my password!!!) post here. 0 0
česky 0 0
deutsch Willkommen im deutschen Teil von SWIP! 1 1
español 0 0
française 0 0
汉语 0 0
Maori (Rarotonga) mangaian 1 1
polski 1 1
português 0 0
русский 1 1
slovensky 0 0
Social Work in its Fields 0 0
SW with Children and Juveniles 1 4
SW with Seniors 0 0
SW with Families 0 0
SW with Minorities 0 0
SW with Addicts 1 1
SW with Offenders 0 0
SW with Physically Handicapped and Mentally Disordered 0 0
Social Work with the Poor Poverty is a big theme in social work. In many cases, poverty is a reason for or a result of social problems. Discuss here topics like homelessness, debts and alike. 1 4
Social Work as Profession 1 1
Education This is a board to discuss matters (ways, concerns) of education in social work - be it professional training, study or whatever. 0 0
Ethics 5 9
History 1 1
Rsik Management 0 0
Supervision 0 0
Violence against Social Workers 0 0
Social Work Theory 0 0
General Social Work Science 0 0
Social Work Models 1 5
Social Work Methods 0 0
Theoretical Views on Social Work How do other scientific disciplines deal with Social Work? How do they describe, define Social Work? These and alike questions will be discussed here. 0 0
Social Work in Context 0 0
Economical Aspects (management etc.) 0 0
Pedagogical Aspects (social pedagogics etc.) 0 0
Political Aspects (welfare system etc.) 1 1
Psychological and Medical Aspects 0 0
Social Law 0 0
Sociological Aspects (exclusion, poverty etc.) 1 1
Social Work Networks 5 10
Topic-based Networks 2 2
Institutional Networks 7 18
Students' Networks 2 2
Literature for Download SWIP provides full versions of books, articles, presentations, reports etc. Previews and Abstracts are also available. 3 3
Full Versions SWIP offers full versions for download, either previously published or not. For contribution, please, read the post below. 1 1
Previews SWIP will store previews here for download. If you want to upload a preview, please, read the post below. 1 9
Others SWIP is providing downloads of different kinds of scientific output (Abstracts, Presentations, Conference Minutes, audio- and video files etc.). For contribution, please, read the post below. 1 4
Free Online Journals Besides the journals every university library should have listed, there are some free ones, available on the Internet. You can find them here. 4 4
Reference Database SWIP provides a Reference Database, sorted by keywords. 3 5
Software This board provides links that make research easier and sometimes even cheaper. 0 0
Research Software 5 8
Free Software 3 6
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